Thursday, 5 July 2012

Slytherin is the Inaugural Winner!

Pottermore transformed the Great Hall in honor of the announcement of the Pottermore House Cup winner, Slytherin.

Just as the clock passed 9:07am this morning in London, Pottermore announced the winner of its inaugural House Cup competition.
And the winner is… Slytherin! 


1st Place: Slytherin - 74,290,864 points
2nd Place: Gryffindor - 74,069,919 points
3rd Place: Ravenclaw - 71,815,917 points
4th Place: Hufflepuff - 62,596,368 points

When Pottermore announced the Pottermore House Cup competition a few weeks ago, users new and old came back and millions of points were earned over the course of the competition. Users of all houses were constantly dueling and brewing potions. Pottermore users have been speculating on Twitter on who the winner would be. When the race clearly turned out to be between Slytherin and Gryffindor, many sided with the snakes because of Gryffindor’s winning streak in the books. They made sure Gryffindor wouldn’t win by either dueling Gryffindor or purposely losing to Slytherin. This made it a very tight race, but in the end, the snakes defeated the lions, and Slytherin won!
In honor of the victory, Pottermore transformed the previously purple Great Hall banners into green. You can see how the Great Hall looks in the picture on the right, above.

Upadate: The Pottermore Insider updated with a new post, congratulating Slytherin and addressing the mysterious “‘secret’ bonus” they promised to the winning house.
Here’s what they had to say:
We are delighted to announce that you can visit the Great Hall to view the award ceremony for the inaugural Pottermore House Cup.
Thank you to all houses for making this such a spirited contest.
We will be congratulating the winner in further detail, here on the Pottermore Insider tomorrow but in the meantime, good luck to all and enjoy the ceremony!
It looks like Slytherin will be receiving their well-earned prize tomorrow. We’ll have the latest of information as soon as it is released, so stay tuned.

Enjoy the festivities!

This is a developing story. We will be continuously updating it throughout the day. Stay tuned to our Twitter, @PottermoreNews7 for all the latest information



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