Monday, 9 July 2012

Go Hufflepuff

Well, as I've mentioned multiple times, I'm a totally proud Slytherin.
I don't know if I'm cunning or if I have every single aspect that stereotypically is given to every Slytherin, but I certainly have othercharacteristics that are totally Slytherin-like.
Anyway, I sorted my parents two, or, three, days ago and my Dad is also a Slytherin, while my Mum is a Hufflepuff. Hehe, I found it cool.

Anyway, even if my mum wasn't sorted into this house, I would encourage Puffs to get more points on Pottermore, and as you can realize I'm extremely excited about the "fight" going on for the second place right now.

Slytherin is first with almost 3,7 million points.

And, suddenly three days ago, or so, Hufflepuff started getting so many points they took the second place! They were in that position for two days, when a frustrated Ravenclaw decided they had been left too far behind for too long. So, an extreme fighting begun, with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff competing for the second place, and Gryffindor being left fourth.

So, right now the points for the rest of the three houses are approximately like this:

Ravenclaw is second with 3,58 million points.
Hufflepuff third with 3,57 million points.
And, Gryffindor last with 3,56 million points.

Let's see what the ranking will be in a bit.
They change by the minute.
It's extremely interesting to watch! As a Slytherin, of course!


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