Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Sims 3: Seasons

Two months after the release of TS3: Supernatural, a new expansion pack will be provided to the gamers around the world. So, on November 13th, our Sims will be able to enjoy Seasons, just like the old good times, when we were still so obsessed with The Sims 2.

This particular installation in The Sims series will be more advanced that anything we had seen previously. Of course, some effects will remain, just like the Snowfalls.

Some of the things that made me want this pack right now were that:

♦ Seasons are 7 days by default, but can be changed to anywhere between 3-28 days.

♦ Seasons and weather are completely controllable.

♦ Seasons and types of weather aren’t controlled per-world, they’re controlled per-save file. That way you can customize each world you play in to behave exactly the way you want it to.

♦ You’ll be able to see the temperature in-game via the HUD. For our fans around the world, you can select the temperature to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius!

♦ Days are longer in the summer, and shorter in the winter.

♦ Clouds will gather and darken before a heavy storm

♦ Weather will transition gradually.
♦ Heatwaves do occur

♦ The visual fidelity of weather is one of the things that will change with advanced rendering off, yes. The appearance of the weather scales to accommodate various hardware configurations.

♦ Snow and Rain will gather on roadways. Cars will not slip off the road.



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