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The American Magical School

 Salem Witches Institute

Salem Witches Institute is a wizarding school located just outside of Salem, Massachusetts. The school resides in a forested area, hidden from muggles. It is a co-ed institution for young witches and wizards aged 12-18. It is the most prestigous magical school in America, so it is considered a great honor for students to attend. Started as a finishing school for young ladies studying magic, the school now houses both genders and has a strong focus on culture and arts.

There are 5 surrounding buildings, each two floors and assigned a name relavant to it's location on the campus or it's purpose for the institute.

    The North Building: History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes.
    The South Building: Transfiguration, Charms, Muggle Studies.
    The East Building: Potions, Astronomy, Arithmancy.
    The South Building: Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures.
    Assembly and Arts Building: Theatre, Painting, Dance, and Music. This building features an attached auditorium, ballroom, and gallery for exhibitions and performances.

Students reside in three dormitory buildings according to their Fellowship. These dormitories are located to the right of the main building. Each is two stories with the bottom floor serving as a common lounge and the top floor containing bedrooms. Each student shares a room with one other student.


The academy has most of the core subjects of other magical institutes, with the addition of four artistic courses. Students must choose one of these courses to study throughout their time at school. In the third year students may choose to take on an additional arts course or select an alternative one to study for the remaining years.

    History of Magic
    Potions Class
    Defence against the Dark Arts
    Muggle Studies
    Painting (Arts)
    Dance (Arts)
    Music (Arts)
    Theatre (Arts)

After their third year at Salem, students may drop one of their core classes (not including arts) and add one or two classes from the following list:

    Ancient Runes
    Care of Magical Creatures


Quidditch Club - This club gathers to practice their skills and play against each other, and occasionall versus other schools. Salem is one of the few American schools to have Quidditch instead of Quodpot, as it is believed to be the "classier" sport.
Young Ladies Gardening Club
Wizard Chess Club


Students begin at Salem Witches Institute at the age of 12 and continue until they have complete seven academic years. During their stay, each student is sorted into one of the three Fellowships following an interview the headmistress.

The Fellowships are:

    Rose Fellowship: Values courage, nerve, and ambition. They are represented by the color red and a rose.
    Lotus Fellowship: Values honesty, loyalty, and hard work. They are represented by the color white and a lotus flower.
    Ivy Fellowship: Values cunning, intellect, and creativity. They are represented by the color green and an ivy leaf.

At the beginning of each year, one 7th year student from each Fellowship is chosen to act as Head Girl. Note that this was until recently an all-girls school, thus the feminine title. If a male student is chosen from his fellowship, he is referred to as Head Boy.

Students may earn merits and demerits during their time at Salem. Those students with the most points at the end of each year are given a special treat chosen by the headmistress.


Ladies' Uniforms consist of:
    A pleated plaid grey skirt
    A white buttoned dress shirt with their Fellowship emblem on the lapel.
    White socks.
    Gray or black dress shoes.

Gentlemens' Uniforms consist of:
    Grey dress pants.
    A white buttoned shirt.
    A black tie with their Fellowship emblem.
    White Socks.
    Grey or Black Loafers.

All young witches and wizards are also issued a standard black cloak with matching black pointed hat for indoor affairs, and a thicker olive colored cloak for outdoors and school trips.

Students are issued these items upon admission to the school.

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