Sunday, 19 August 2012

Background Magical Schools for Vault 713

Background Schools

These learning institutions are not currently playable in game, but are available for background stories for adult characters. We limit the number of schools currently in play to allow for maximum interaction between students - twenty students at one school is a sizable group, whereas one student each at twenty schools is significantly less fun! Please be advised that if you try to create a student currently attending one of these schools, you will be asked to choose an alternate school that is currently in play.


  • Beaumont-Spindletop Boarding Academy, Beaumont, Texas, Founded 1910
  • Kalistone School for Wizards, Kalispell, Montana, Founded 1954
  • Marshgrass Primary, Tallahassee, Florida, Founded 1966, Ages 6-11

  • Quarrion Quilpie Magic Academy, Quilpie, Queensland, Founded 1931

  • Selkirk School of Magic, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Founded 1832

  • Xanadu School, Hexigten Qi, Founded 1239

  • Hohenstaufen Institute of Witchcraft, Goppingen, Founded 1320

  • Romanian Spellcasters Institute, Craiova, Founded 1584

  • King Juan Carlos Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Granada, Founded 711


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