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The Norwegian Magical School

Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning

Durmstrang Institute is the primary magical education facility in Norway, as well as the most prominent in the Scandinavian region. Much like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, it is unplottable and disguised so that muggles and those wizards who do not know its location will be unable to locate it. Durmstrang offers schooling over the course of seven years, the first year being for those students who are eleven years of age. Durmstrang is a co-educational school that accommodates both male and female students. The students are separated into years instead of houses (i.e. First year students have their own dorm, second years have their own, etc.). However, the institute does not accept Muggle-born students and halfbloods are accepted by the skin of their teeth. The school is known for its emphasis on the instruction of Dark Arts rather than defense against them.


The academy has most of the core subjects of other magical institutes, with slight variations/exclusions:

  • Arithmancy
  • Astrology*
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Charms*
  • Divination
  • Flying* (For first years)
  • History of Magic
  • Potions*
  • Transfiguration*
  • Practical Application of the Dark Arts


Clubs at Durmstrang are similar to those at most schools, with a few unique additions.

  • Quidditch Club - Students skirmish amongst themselves, learn new skills, and play matches against other schools.

  • Gobstones Club - Fans of the popular wizarding board game can hone their skills and enjoy a good time playing this game every so often.

  • Dueling Club - Students meet weekly to practice their hexes and jinxes.


Durmstrang accepts students strictly on an application basis. Students must first show notable blood status (ie: no muggle borns are accepted, nor students from predominantly muggle bloodlines.) Priority is given to pureblood students and those who can prove they are from notable families. Once considered, they must submit to an interview with the headmaster and perform a simple spell that helps prove their magical ability. Students are informed of the spell well in advance so that they can practice, and parents are expected to give their children as full of a magical education at home as possible, with minimal participation in muggle institutions.

Students may enroll from any country, but priority is given to students in Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria and of course the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and so on. The validity of these statements has been questioned over time, but Durmstrang Officials uphold the national favoritism in honor of tradition. All students are required to learn conversational English before attending, and though all lessons are taught in English, students have the option of bringing textbooks of their own native language.


Ladies' Uniforms consist of:

  • Blood-red robes
  • Brown pants
  • Black or red blouses
  • Brown coat (with school emblem on lapel)
  • Boots

  • Fur accessories (such as hats)

Gentlemens' Uniforms consist of:

  • Blood-red robes
  • Brown pants
  • Black, red or brown shirts
  • Brown belt (with school emblem)
  • Brown coat (with school emblem on lapel)
  • Boots

  • Fur accessories (such as hats)
  • Wooden Staffs

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