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Schools of Magic (HP)

Al Kafilah Academy of Magicians
Location: Damascus, Syria

American Institute for Magical Studies
Location: many throughout the US, including Florida

American Wizarding Academy
Location: United States

Athens Academy
Location: Athens, Greece

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Headmistress: Madame Olympe Maxime
Location: France, probably southern along the Mediterranean
Years: 7 (11-17)
Language: French
Uniforms: Light blue silk
Coat of arms: Two golden wands crossed on a powder blue field, each wand shooting three stars

Collaiste Draoid Eireanach
Location: Ireland
Upper level school of magic

College of the Plavidsov
Philosophy and ancient magic institute

Location: West Texas, USA

Danal de Magie Académie
Headmistress: Claudine Qumaq
Location: northern Nunavut, Canada
Years: 9 (ages 9-17)
Language: French, English, Inuit
Colors: the green, blue, purple, and red of the Aurora borealas
Motto: Ne pas énerver un ours affamé. (Do not anger a hungry bear.)
Crest: A outline of the school against a shimmering Aurora borealas
Danal de Magie Académie is a boarding school. There are two resident halls, the boys and the girls. Though neither is officially named the boys' res hall tends to be referred to as Wolverine and the girls' as the Swans.
The school has only one Quidditch team but two squads.

The Draconius Institute
Location: Transylvania, Romania

Location: Unknown

Durmstrang Institute
Headmaster: Spangler Nacht
Location: Presumable Northeastern Europe
Years: 8 levels (10-17)
Language: German but the students may use any number of dialects (many Slavic and Germanic based) when out of class
Uniforms: Blood red robes with fur capes

Escola Mágica de Brasil
Headmaster: Demétrio Santos Leão
Location: Amazon River, Brazil
Years: 7 (ages 11-17)
Language: Portuguese
Because of the location, Escola Mágica de Brasil is a boarding school with students placed into one of five dorms: Caiman, Jaguar, Macaw, Marmoset, and Tucano (Toucan). Placement is determined simply by an equal division of incoming new students.

Location: Switzerland
There are only two houses and sorting is through a series of tests: physical, mental, and of course, magical.

Grogan Stump Academy for Boys
Location: United Kingdom
Delinquent school and orphanage

Kristianstad Private Wizarding School
Location: Sweden

La Escuela de Hechiceria
Headmaster: Edgardo Reyes
Location: Santiago, Chile
Years: 12 (ages 6-18; 1st-12th graders)
Language: Spanish
Uniforms: Boys wear black robes. Girls wear white robes.
The only division between students is by gender. Girls and boys compete for points in academics, conduct, and sports. Housing on campus is available but optional.

La Escuela de la Esperanza de Artes Mágicas
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Lady Rose's Refined School for Magical Beings

L'université Violette d'Étoile
Location: France
University-level school

Magegro Academia
Location: Spain
Small, private, elite

Middleton Magic
Location: Canada

Okapi École de Sorcellerie
Headmaster: Professor Manji Oyo
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo
Years: 6 (ages 12-18; first-sixth years)
Language: French
Uniform: Brown robes.
There are no houses. Students either commute or live in housing on campus.

The Salem Witches' Institute Headmistress: Charity Stoughton
Location: Salem, Massachusettes, USA
Years: 8 (ages 10-18)
Language: English
Colors: Green, Gold, White
Motto: Perservere
Crest: Bubbling cauldron black cauldron on a green field with two gold and white crossed broomsticks.
Wizarding robes were dropped as part of the standard uniform in the 1950s. Since then, the uniform has consisted of slacks, skirts, shirts/blouses, tie, and blazer. Each may be any of the three school colors or a combination of them. Black or tan slacks/skirts are also acceptable if other proper clothing is worn. Starting in 1974, girls have been allowed to wear slacks. Since the early 1990s, shorts and polos may also be worn, with shorts acceptable on announced casual days.
Unless student population is extremely low, the school has three Quidditch teams. All three teams compete against each other. The teams are known as Gold (gold and white uniforms), Green (green and white uniforms), and the Cauldrons (gold, green, and white uniforms)

Sighisoara School of Magical Arts
Location: Romania
University-level school of magic

Silverspell's Gourmet Institute
Location: Unknown
Cooking school

Smith's School of Sorcery
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Spain's School of Magic
Location: Spain

Sydney's School of Wizardry
Headmaster: Mercutio McMasters
Location: Sydney, Australia
Years: 6 (ages 12-18; first-sixth years)
Language: English
Uniforms: Black robes with red or blue tie, depending on house.
There are two houses, called simply Red and Blue. Students are randomly assigned to their houses. It is a boarding school.
 Watling's Wizarding Academy
Headmistress: Professor Lauren Myers
Location: Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA
Years: 7 (10/11 - 17/18)
Language: English
Uniforms: Black robes with accents of the house color.
There are five houses. Assignment is done simply by numbering the list of incoming students. Every name that gets a 1 by it is in Cougar Residence, color pale yellow. Names with a 2 are assigned to Falcon, color turquoise. Names with a 3 are Fox Residence, color dark red. House 4 is Eagle Residence, color white. House 5 is Bear Residence with a color of forest green.

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