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Elladora Hampton's basic info

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Character Basics
Full Name: Elladora Pansy Hampton
Age: 47
Magical Status: Witch with Mixed Blood
Profession: Creature Negotiator, on the Pest Advisory Bureau, of the British Ministry of Magic
Country of Citizenship: United Kingdom

Appearance: Elladora is a slim and quite petite woman that stands on 5'4". She has dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing suits with knee-length skirts and peculiar hats, for which she has a soft spot.

Magical Ability
Mother's Magical Status: Half-Blood Witch
Father's Magical Status: Wizard with Mixed Blood, but more members of the family tree being magical
Strongest Ability: Magical Creature Empathy
Weakest Ability: Herbology
Wand: 12 1/4 inches, Oak with Veela Hair

Character Story
Personality: Elladora had a nice childhood, something that ended abruptly with the birth of her younger sister. She started being over-jealous and thinking of her parents as traitors. Even when she grew up she never totally forgave them or her sister. She decided to never depend on anyone and build her whole life alone, even if her father offered to assist her professionally multiple times. That was mainly the reason why she quit her job as an Intern Healer on St. Mungo's Hospital, where her father also worked, after only three years. Shortly after, she got a job as a Columnist about Magical Creature Care, on Daily Prophet. She is very disciplined and focused on everything she does, which had as a result her being called a workaholic by her colleagues. She also loves working with Magical Creatures more than she does with people, a fact that helps her doing her current job better.

Strengths: Decisive, Focused, Disciplined
Weaknesses: Perfectionist, Judgemental, Unforgiving

Previous Employment:
1967-1970: St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
1970-1983: Columnist, Magical Creature Care, on Daily Prophet

School Attended: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
Graduation Year: 1966

Personal History: Elladora Pansy Hampton comes from a Half-Blood family, with more magical members from the side of her father. Herewald Wilfred Hampton, her father, born in 1913, had been an important person in United Kingdom, working as a Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital until his death in 1980. It was there that he met his wife, Irma Porpentia Hampton in 1946. Shortly after Elladora was born. Although she had a happy childhood until the age of 7, in 1955, when her sister Mandy Fleur Hampton (now named Perkins, after her husband) was born. Most of her parents' attention was now concentrated on the new addition of the family, something that left Elladora feeling neglected and abandoned. She dropped the nickname her parents had for her until then, which was "Ella" and never let anyone call her like that again. Her relationship with her sister was never good. After she graduated from Hogwarts and became an adult, she continued on having a cold relationship with her family, although her father offered helped her in her first professional steps. Even after her father's death in 1980 and her mother's in 1982, her bond with her only sister is very weak. Elladora never got married and never even expressed any interest in having children, but she has a soft spot for her youngest niece Demelza Bridget Perkins.

Sample Post: Elladora walked into her office, stopping briefly in front of the glass door to inspect the condition of her hat and hair before closing and walking to her chair. Today she had a difficult case concerning some Merpeople and she wanted to think about the best way to negotiate with them. Totally absorbed in her thoughts, she didn't notice at first the envelope that was sitting on the edge her desk.When she finally took notice of it her eyes shined with happiness at the sight of her youngest niece's handwriting. Demelza never failed to send letters to her, one of the very few things Elladora was grateful for. She decided to put the envelope into her bag, though. She wanted to read it later and in private. Standing up, she brushed away imaginative dust from her skirt and slowly walked back to the door. Elladora was going to have a busy day today.


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