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The Japanese Magical School

Mahoutokoro University of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Mahoutokoro University of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the main Japanese school of magic. It is located on the small island of Nakano-shima in the Sea of Japan, which is also home to one of the few wizarding communities in the country. Mahoutokoro University’s houses are divided in to colors: The Red Dragon, the Yellow Kitsune, and the Blue Kappas. The Dragons celebrate Honor and Courage, the Kitsune celebrate Cunning and Wit, and the Kappas celebrate Wisdom and Patience. Students are instructed in very rigid fashion with high pressure due to inter house and peer competition.


Many classes are available at Mahoutokoro, some which are mandated at most schools, and others that are exclusive to the school. Courses listed with a * are mandatory for students at some point throughout their school career.

    Care of Magical Creatures
    Defense Against the Dark Arts*
    Flying* (For first years)
    Asian History*
    History of Magic
    Martial Arts*
    Muggle Studies


Clubs at Mahoutokoro are similar to those at most schools, with a few unique additions.

    Quidditch Club - Students skirmish amongst themselves, learn new skills, and play matches against other schools.
    Dueling Club - Students are taught to duel in the practice of the ancient Japanese wizards, and are instilled with a strong sense of honor, as well as valuable life skills.
    Judo Club - This martial arts club meets on Saturdays in order to improve their skills in Judo and foster discipline and strength of the mind and body.
    Kendo Club - This martial arts club meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays to practice Kendo and participate in sparring matches against other students of their levels.


Mahoutokoro, similar to Hogwarts, operates on a birth record system where students are invited to attend after their names have been recorded on a special list. Students can also submit an essay, a letter of request from a parent, and a primary school record to be considered for acceptance if their name is not already on the list.

Students may enroll if they were born and/or raised for at least five years in any Asian country - such as Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. Japanese is the primary language of the school, although students are required to be proficient in conversational English before the beginning of their first term.


Mahoutokoro faculty and students uphold a level of honor and dignity in their uniforms. All students are required to have both common school robes and dress robes.

The Mahoutokoro uniform consists of robes which match the students' respective houses:

    Crimson for Red Dragons
    Gold for Yellow Kitsunes
    Royal blue for Blue Kappas.

In the winter, students also are equipped with warm cloaks in standard black.

Students are also issued a standard traditional Japanese school uniform for wear under their robes and during free time or warmer spring days.

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