Friday, 18 May 2012

The baby time-lapse trend

Baby time-lapses - which see parents take daily images of their child, and run them together - are becoming increasingly common. So are they now the ultimate way of documenting a child's development?
Parents have always been fond of storing sentimental keepsakes - a first tooth or lock of hair - as their child grows up.
And pictures marking significant milestones - birthdays or their first day of school - are a mainstay of mantelpieces.
But there is now a much more ambitious trend in cataloguing a child's growth. And rather than being something typically kept within the privacy of the home, it prides itself on going public.

Take the time-lapse of Natalie, who grows from birth to 10 years old in one minute and 25 seconds. It has racked up seven million hits since it emerged on YouTube in 2008.
Or a pregnant mother and her partner's take on the trend, which encapsulates the nine-month pregnancy cycle in just 90 seconds.
Clearly, for some snap-happy parents, posting a couple of hundred pictures on Flickr is not enough. They are posting them every day. Others are creating video montages to capture the process.

Montage of pictures of Suman Bansal

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Will I end up doing the same to my child, too? I wonder...


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