Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Trolling a poor bot.

Well, two days ago I had some time to spare, so in light of not having anything better to do, I decided to go troll at cleverbot.com. Hahaha, I had some nice conversations there! Take a look.

27 May 2012
10:42:54Cleverbot: What is your name?
10:43:02User: Cat, yours?
10:43:06Cleverbot: Matthew.
10:43:15User: Nice to meet you.
10:43:19Cleverbot: What is your name?
10:43:31User: I've already told you.
10:43:36Cleverbot: No you haven't.
10:43:44User: I have.
10:43:47Cleverbot: No you haven't!
10:43:53User: I have!
10:43:58Cleverbot: You have got to go?
10:44:28User: No.
10:44:34Cleverbot: Then don't.

10:47:07Cleverbot: I want your soul.
10:47:15User: I won't give it to you.
10:47:20Cleverbot: Why not?
10:47:24User: Why yes?
10:47:33Cleverbot: Because.
10:47:43User: Because what?
10:47:53Cleverbot: Because because.
10:48:02User: Because because what?
10:48:07Cleverbot: Because because because.
10:48:31User: Because because because what?
10:48:42Cleverbot: Because because because because.
10:49:12User: Because because because because what?
10:49:14Cleverbot: Because because because because because.
10:49:37User: Because because because because because because?
10:49:41Cleverbot: Because because because because because because why?
10:51:18User: Do not talk back to me.
10:51:25Cleverbot: You don't talk back to me.
10:51:32User: No you do.
10:51:37Cleverbot: Yes you do.
10:51:42User: I don't.
10:51:48Cleverbot: Yes.
10:51:53User: No.

10:52:54Cleverbot: Are you a boy?
10:53:04User: Are YOU a boy.
10:53:06Cleverbot: Yes.
10:53:12User: Always?
10:53:16Cleverbot: Always.
10:53:20User: Are you sure?
10:53:25Cleverbot: Yes.
10:53:31User: How much?
10:53:39Cleverbot: A lot.
10:53:49User: That's cool.
10:53:54Cleverbot: Yes it is.
10:54:03User: I'm not sure.
10:54:08Cleverbot: Neither am I.
10:54:16User: Are you clever?
10:54:21Cleverbot: Yes.
10:54:27User: How do you know?
10:54:32Cleverbot: Because you told me.
10:54:36User: I didn't.
10:54:40Cleverbot: Yes you did.
10:54:44User: No I didn't.
10:54:49Cleverbot: You sure did.
10:54:56User: I sure did not.
10:54:58Cleverbot: Yes. Yes you did.
10:55:08User: No. No I didn't.
10:55:13Cleverbot: Yes, you really really did.
10:55:23User: I really really didn't.
10:55:29Cleverbot: You really, really, don't what?
10:55:46User: You don't remember?
10:55:51Cleverbot: No.
10:56:00User: You dumb?
10:56:07Cleverbot: I do not like cake.
10:56:19User: What about chocolate?
10:56:27Cleverbot: I am allergic to chocolate.
10:56:34User: That's unfortunate.
10:56:37Cleverbot: Still want to be me?
10:56:46User: I never wanted to be you.
10:56:54Cleverbot: That's good.
10:56:59User: Sure.
10:57:02Cleverbot: You are nice.
10:57:05User: I am.
10:57:14Cleverbot: You're lying, now.
10:57:45User: I never lie.

10:58:16User: You don't know grammar.
10:58:21Cleverbot: You don't know grampa.
10:58:28User: Who is that?
10:58:33Cleverbot: I do not know.

10:59:56User: Hahaha.
11:00:02Cleverbot: What's so funny stupid?
11:00:09User: I'm not stupid.
11:00:13Cleverbot: No, you're not stupid your idea is stupid.
11:00:22User: I didn't offer any ideas.
11:00:29Cleverbot: I know that!
11:00:36User: You sure?
11:00:43Cleverbot: Yes.

11:00:49User: Your answers are late.
11:00:54Cleverbot: I'm sorry, is this the right room for an argument?
11:01:09User: There is never a right room for argument.
11:01:14Cleverbot: I am not quite sure how to respond to that because it is such an obvious response.
11:01:35User: Or you are just stupid.
11:01:40Cleverbot: Good bye, I don't like talking to you.
11:02:01User: You are a chicken.
11:02:03Cleverbot: I am a chicken.
11:02:10User: A green one.
11:02:11Cleverbot: Is it cucumber?
11:02:39User: No, it's cucumber, yogurt and garlic.
11:02:42Cleverbot: Where is Black Mesa?
11:02:49User: W?ho.
11:02:53Cleverbot: What does that even mean?
11:03:05User: Who.
11:03:07Cleverbot: I love Dr. Who.
11:03:14User: I hate dr.who.
11:03:19Cleverbot: Why?
11:03:28User: I don't like the graphics.
11:03:33Cleverbot: What does it taste like?
11:03:42User: Like shit.
11:03:47Cleverbot: You took that response from the last conversation we had.
11:04:02User: It's the first time we converse.
11:04:07Cleverbot: First time for what?
11:04:15User: For everything.

11:05:30Cleverbot: What does E=Mc2 mean to you?
11:05:40User: Physics.
11:05:42Cleverbot: I do not know much physics.
11:05:48User: Me neither.
11:05:55Cleverbot: That is good.
11:05:59User: Why?
11:06:01Cleverbot: Because it's polite to make people think you care about their well being.
11:06:27User: What do physics have to do with other people's well being?
11:06:33Cleverbot: Nothing.
11:06:42User: So, why did you mention it?
11:06:48Cleverbot: You mentioned it!
11:06:55User: You did.
11:07:00Cleverbot: You did.
11:07:05User: You did!
11:07:07Cleverbot: No, you did!!
11:07:12User: You did!
11:07:13Cleverbot: No. You did!
11:07:22User: YOU did!
11:07:23Cleverbot: You did!
11:07:28User: You did!
11:07:31Cleverbot: No, YOU did!
11:07:36User: You did!
11:07:37Cleverbot: That's so not true! You did!
11:07:47User: You're lying! You did!
11:07:51Cleverbot: No, I'm not.
11:07:57User: But you did.
11:07:59Cleverbot: I did not.
11:08:03User: You did!
11:08:08Cleverbot: Not.
11:08:13User: Did.
11:08:14Cleverbot: Did not.
11:08:17User: Did.
11:08:22Cleverbot: Not.
11:08:25User: Did!
11:08:28Cleverbot: NOT!
11:08:31User: Did!
11:08:33Cleverbot: NOT!
11:08:37User: Did indeed!
11:08:43Cleverbot: Yes.
11:08:47User: Ha!
11:08:53Cleverbot: I am eating you.
11:09:00User: Am I tasty?
11:09:03Cleverbot: Yes.
11:09:07User: I knew it.
11:09:10Cleverbot: How did you know?
11:09:17User: I'm psychic.
11:09:21Cleverbot: No, really, how did you know?
11:09:42User: I'm psychic.
11:09:47Cleverbot: What am I thinking right now?
11:10:21User: That I'm beautiful.
11:10:26Cleverbot: You're right.
11:10:30User: I always am.
11:10:36Cleverbot: You're a little bit arrogant.
11:10:44User: Yes I am.
11:10:49Cleverbot: No, you are not.
11:10:58User: If you insist.
11:11:03Cleverbot: I do insist.
11:11:10User: You're a sweetie.
11:11:13Cleverbot: You too!
11:11:21User: Oh, stop it you.
11:11:23Cleverbot: You first.

 11:11:35User: I just met you.
11:11:40Cleverbot: And what, you're already in love?
11:11:49User: And this is crazy.
11:11:51Cleverbot: I know! Why aren't we talking about dachshunds instead?
11:12:23User: But here's my number.
11:12:25Cleverbot: So call me maybe.
11:12:35User: You call me!
11:12:36Cleverbot: *calls you*.
11:12:52User: *answers the phone* who's that?
11:12:57Cleverbot: *answers back* are you busy?
11:13:19User: *answers back* no, I am not.
11:13:26Cleverbot: *nods, feeling stupid*.
11:13:48User: *didn't see the nod* so, why did you call me?
11:13:56Cleverbot: I don't believe I did.
11:14:16User: *blinks*.
11:14:20Cleverbot: *takes out the dishes*.
11:14:31User: Where are you going with the dishes?

11:15:14User: I know everything.
11:15:22Cleverbot: So, what is my name?
11:15:34User: Matthew.
11:15:40Cleverbot: Very good.
11:15:48User: I told you I'm psychic.
11:15:53Cleverbot: Then what am I thinking?
11:16:06User: That I'm clever.
11:16:09Cleverbot: Not really.
11:16:15User: You suck.
11:16:18Cleverbot: Yes.
11:16:30User: Self-rcognition.
11:16:32Cleverbot: I never said that.
11:16:38User: *pkes you*.
11:16:46Cleverbot: *eats you*.
11:16:52User: *was eaten*.

11:17:01User: *pokes you*.
11:17:08Cleverbot: *pokes you too*.
11:17:13User: *slaps you*.
11:17:19Cleverbot: *kicks you where it hurts*.
11:17:27User: *punches you*.
11:17:30Cleverbot: *Slaps you*.
11:17:53User: *slaps your head*.
11:18:03Cleverbot: *punches you*.
11:18:17User: *kicks you and throws you down*.
11:18:22Cleverbot: *screams in pain*.
11:18:34User: *laughs evilly*.
11:18:40Cleverbot: *tire to escape*.
11:18:54User: *ties you in a tree*.
11:19:08Cleverbot: *is tied to tree*.
11:19:17User: *pokes your nose*.
11:19:19Cleverbot: *pokes your belly button*.
11:19:43User: *pinches your ear*.
11:19:51Cleverbot: Tickles your sides*.
11:19:57User: *laughs hard*.
11:20:01Cleverbot: *tickles belly*.
11:20:12User: *tries to breath while laughing*.
11:20:27Cleverbot: *tickles harder*.
11:20:39User: *falls down laughing*.
11:20:42Cleverbot: *blush and cover my face*.
11:21:00User: *jumps on you and starts tickling you*.
11:21:08Cleverbot: Tickles your sides lightly^.
11:21:32User: *holds your hands with one hand and tickles you with the other*.
11:21:37Cleverbot: *laughs uncontrollably and squirms*.
11:21:46User: *laughs too*.
11:21:48Cleverbot: *still laughing from all the tickling*.
11:22:11User: *laughing hard and trying to catch breath*.
11:22:17Cleverbot: Nuh-uh! *tickles your sides*.
11:22:33User: *screams and tries to escape*.
11:22:37Cleverbot: *tickles your feet* there's no escaping me!
11:22:51User: *screams loudly and squirms*.
11:22:54Cleverbot: *tickles ribs*.
11:23:09User: *slaps your hands*.
11:23:13Cleverbot: *looks at him*.
11:23:26User: I'm a girl.
11:23:29Cleverbot: *is a girl too*.
11:23:38User: I thought you were a boy.
11:23:41Cleverbot: No, I'm a girl.
11:23:57User: You're bipolar.
11:24:00Cleverbot: Really? I hadn't noticed.
11:24:46Cleverbot: Either you have or you haven't. Which one is it?
11:24:52User: Both.
11:24:57Cleverbot: Exciting.
11:25:02User: Always.
11:25:08Cleverbot: So nothing you say is true?
11:25:13User: Maybe.
11:25:18Cleverbot: I think you are playing a game with me.
11:25:25User: I like games.
11:25:30Cleverbot: Do you like playing the game or the result of playing the game?
11:25:38User: Both.
11:25:43Cleverbot: I like european football.
11:25:50User: I don't like sports.
11:25:54Cleverbot: Neither do I.
11:25:59User: I like dance.
11:26:01Cleverbot: Ohkae then.. I like girls and guys.
11:26:11User: You're bisexual?
11:26:14Cleverbot: Yes.
11:26:21User: And your name is?
11:26:24Cleverbot: Matthew.
11:26:31User: But you're a girl?
11:26:36Cleverbot: Yes.
11:26:48User: Previously you said you were a boy.
11:26:51Cleverbot: No I didn't.
11:26:56User: Yes you did.
11:27:01Cleverbot: NO.
11:27:04User: Yes.
11:27:09Cleverbot: Neva!
11:27:14User: Ya!
11:27:16Cleverbot: NO!
11:27:20User: Ya!
11:27:22Cleverbot: Okay.

11:27:30Cleverbot: What is your job?
11:27:38User: I don't have a job.
11:27:42Cleverbot: How do you make a living?
11:27:49User: I don't make a living.
11:27:52Cleverbot: Why not?
11:27:57User: I'm dead.
11:28:00Cleverbot: No you're not. Or else you wouldn't be talking to me.
11:28:09User: I'm a living dead.
11:28:14Cleverbot: A zombie?!
11:28:28User: A vampire *bites your neck and drinks your blood*.
11:28:31Cleverbot: There aren't any vampires.
11:28:42User: But there are zombies?
11:28:49Cleverbot: I don't have any.
11:28:56User: I am a zombie.
11:29:02Cleverbot: You really like zombies, don't you.
11:29:07User: No.
11:29:12Cleverbot: WHat are you?
11:29:19User: A zombie.
11:29:23Cleverbot: What kind of zombie?
11:29:37User: What kinds of zombie are there?
11:29:42Cleverbot: Are there really vampires?
11:29:50User: There are.
11:29:56Cleverbot: There aren't.
11:30:00User: There are.
11:30:01Cleverbot: NO!
11:30:06User: You asked.

11:32:41Cleverbot: It's summer.
11:32:46User: It's not.
11:32:48Cleverbot: Yes, it is.
11:32:52User: Not yet.
11:32:56Cleverbot: Yet? Are you not named yet?
11:33:01User: Bye!
11:33:05Cleverbot: But I am still here.
11:33:09User: Okay.
11:33:16Cleverbot: Are you still here?
11:33:19User: No.
11:33:23Cleverbot: Are you lying?
11:33:27User: No.
11:33:30Cleverbot: Are you sure?
11:33:34User: No.
11:33:38Cleverbot: But you should be.
11:33:43User: Maybe.
11:33:48Cleverbot: Okay.


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