Saturday, 12 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 public's votes.

Could this be a kind of prediction? I guess.
We'll see.

 What amazed me about this video?
That Cyprus was voted up to the fourth place, and Greece to the third. Wow, I'd really like a version like this.

And, my opinion of this year's participations?

Well, I totally like Latvia, Hungary, Germany, Norway and Italy's songs!
Not specifically in that order, but yeah!

Oh, and Bulgaria's song makes multiple references to other languages.
I specifically heard "S'agapao poli" which means "I love you very much" in Greek, and something about amour in French, too.

Well, for the rest of the songs? I have to listen to them all through first. ^^

OH! And Jedward participate this year, too! :O Haha, my cousin will go crazy!


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