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Hogwarts Clubs & Societies

Duelling Club

This was set up by Gilderoy Lockhart in the school year of 1992/1993. Lockhart considered himself something of an expert duellist, just as he considered himself to be an expert in everything from the care of Whomping Willows to the banishment of Banshees. Unfortunately for him, Professor Snape was on hand at the first meeting of the society to blast him into a wall during their first demonstration duel and bring him down a peg or too. It didn’t seem to dent his confidence any though.
Duelling both is a form of fighting between wizards and a sport, with the same skills and abilities required whatever the type of combat. While rules apply in the sporting version – such as bowing to your opponent before battle commences, the duel is often a matter of life and death when in used in anger, and the pleasantries are usually ignored. This Harry experienced first hand in Goblet of Fire when he faced Voldemort whose one intention was to kill him. Luckily he survived, and the experience he gained was passed on to fellow students when he taught DA classes the next year.
The fate of the duelling club after its first meeting is unclear. Known attendees of the first meeting are:
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Seamus Finnigan
Neville Longbottom
Dean Thomas
Lavender Brown
Draco Malfoy
Millicent Bulstrode
Justin Finch-Fletchley
S Fawcett
Ernie MacMillan
Terry Boot

Chess Club

Wizard chess, whilst the same as normal Muggle chess in terms of the rules of play, is different in that wizard chess figures can move independently in response to the instructions of the players. They use this ability to actually fight each other for positions on the board and even to shout instructions to the players. Ron taught Harry how to play chess in first year, which became very handy when facing the chess board that they had to pass through to get to the Philosopher’s Stone at the end of that year.
It is unknown whether there is a Chess Club at Hogwarts but its existence is so likely that it is included here.

Gobstones Club

Gobstones is very similar to the Muggle game of marbles, although the Gobstones tend to spit an unpleasant liquid at your opponent when they lose a point. Presumably, this is where the “gob” prefix is derived. This is a Gobstones Club at Hogwarts but there are also International Leagues as there are for Quidditch.

Charms Club

Very little is known of this, except that Victoria Frobisher was turned down for the position of Gryffindor Keeper due to the fact that she said the Charms Club would be a higher priority for her than the Quidditch team.

Quidditch Teams

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin all have their own Quidditch teams. These are described in the “Quidditch Teams” section.

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