Thursday, 17 May 2012

Some Books about the Psychology of Emotions

I've started getting ready for the final exams of the Spring Semester 2011-2012.
So, I started reading Understanding Emotions by Keith Oatley. The greek version, of course.
This book is used for the course of Psychology of Emotions.

The blurb about it on Goodreads:
" This new textbook is the first book to fully span the fast growing field to research on emotions. It ranges across a broad range of disciplines, covering the entire lifespan from infancy to adulthood. Its main theme is that emotions have functions: they set priorities among our concerns and they provide the underlying structure of human friendships, to the excitements of sexuality."

By the way, I found another book by the same author, which I believe every reader probably should read. Its title is Such Stuff as Dreams: The Psychology of Fiction. I haven't read it yet, but I totally plan it! After all it "demonstrates how reading fiction can contribute to a greater understanding of, and the ability to change, ourselvesInformed by the latest psychological research which focuses on, for example, how identification with fictional characters occurs, and how literature can improve social abilities".

And, another very interesting book that was mentioned into Understanding Emotions is Human Relationships by Steve W. Duck.
I definitely would love to get my hands on that book.


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