Saturday, 12 May 2012

Eurovision is a Song Contest

Well, as I was roaming through the Eurovision participants of this year, I noticed how many people were fighting about political issues below the videos. Especially below Greece and Cyprus' songs.
So, I made some comments about it. It goes and applies for all the countries, the same.

Gee, people, first here, then below Cyprus' representation's video.
Firstly, it's purely rude to start insulting people out of the blue, writing bad things about them and their country under THEIR representation's video. Imagine how would you feel to see so many arguments. Yes, we have a bad system, and yes we do boast about our ancient roots too much sometimes.
BUT you can't blame ALL the people of a country without even knowing them. Without even having visited their country.

We're not fascists. At least, not all of us.
I know many Greek people, of course, and I know, I have the courage to admit, that there are many people I wouldn't want to know. But, there are also people that are so good, kind-hearted, warm. Also, fighters, people that believe to a better tomorrow, and won't let things to chance. Because, we ARE fighting for our future. You can't just listen to what the media say about a country and start blaming everyone. That's just plainly silly. And racistic!

Oh, and something else, Eurovision is a SONG CONTEST.
Stop bringing political issues here, and just ENJOY THE MUSIC.
And, if you don't like it, just leave it be.
It is wiser that getting involved in meaningless arguments that will take you nowhere.
Because, like it or not, your racistic, totally generalized, unbased and unresearched opinion of our country just makes us angry. But, it will change nothing.


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