Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tango remade songs

 So, I've already happened to mention that this semester I attended some lessons of tango that were given to my Uni.

So, we were listening to and dancing many awesome songs.

Some of them happened to be remakes of a variety of songs I've loved.

Take as an example this amazing remake of Roxanne first heard in the movie Moulin Rouge.
I'm totally planning on watching it. It will be definitely worth it.

And, then of course it's this sweet sweet remake of Enjoy the Silence that I just seem to not be able to stop listening to. Wow. Tanghetto has done some great work there. And, this classic Depeche Mode song isn't the only one that has been remade. Tanghetto has also made a tango version of Sweet Dreams . How awesome is that?

I didn't want to make the post too crowded with videos, but you should totally check out more of tango remakes.


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